Pop Scenesters.
Things that have annoyed me today.
  • Tumblr giveaways. Fuckin’ rich kids. I do not know a single person who could afford to just give away a camera/musical instrument/ipod or whatever for the sake of some more tumblr followers.
  • Textbooks. I mean, I’m not in education anymore but I’ve seen a couple posts about it today and it reminded me of how expensive textbooks are. I never really had to buy any myself, but a lot of people do, and the fact that they’re so unaffordable just stinks of some sort of classism or something.
  • Buzzbands. I was in Sainsbo’s earlier and saw NME on the shelf. The cover said ‘100 New Bands You Have To Hear!’ or something similar. And, come on. One hundred new bands is too many. Listening to a hundred new bands at once means you’re never gonna listen to any of them properly. And I bet, even though there’s a hundred included, there’s still not a single new band I would consider really deserving of attention on there. I get that they’re trying to ‘rep new talent’ or whatever, but it probably does more harm than good.
  • The fact that I still have a god damn cold.
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